But what they don’t know is,Yiming and Chu Yao are waiting for this opportunity,Wait till he just wanted to do it,When I want to know what their identities are,Yiming also made a move,He has practiced this a long time ago。

But after two rounds with those guys,Obviously at a disadvantage,And Chu Yao is also here to help,But it can’t help much,Completely in a weak state。
In the end, both of them were injured,But it didn’t hurt to the point,And both of them can easily avoid some key attacks.,Actually the two of them do it more secretly,Can’t be found easily。
Because their faces and arms were hurt,Then they will feel that the two of them have no strength at all,Then I told those people:“Why do you guys do it with us,
We really want to ask if there is a place to fix the car. If not, we will ask other people.,Of course, if there is a place for us to borrow for one night, we will sometimes give you money。
You really don’t have to do it with us,We also practiced some taekwondo self-defense before,But this doesn’t mean we can beat you big guys,And we are both injured。
You are really too much like this,If we call the police,How do you solve it?”Then Chu Yao played a pitiful state,It makes people think she is really angry。
I feel that I am in a normal state,But was misunderstood,Even injured,Those few people scratched their heads a little embarrassedly,Actually, they are not really conscientious people。
It’s just that they have to save their lives now.,What’s more, they followed their boss for so many years,There is no way out,Even if it doesn’t hurt other people,But it will hurt some people more or less。
But a few of them have been used to it for so many years,Because in their opinion, they are involuntarily involuntarily,Even if they really want to save some people,Or don’t want to do something,They have no retreat。
Because then they will only die。Then Yiming also said to the others:“Yeah,Are you so fierce?,If this breaks my girlfriend, I will never end with you。”The acting skills of the two of them are really perfect。
Worthy of some professionally trained people,Can win the trust of others in any matter,Then those older brothers are embarrassed to tell them:“Sorry,We are a little nervous recently。
So I thought you were some other scammer who came to get our money,Of course,If you really need help,We can also,what,Take a look at what’s wrong with your car。”
Then Yiming and Chu Yao voluntarily gave up their way,Let them watch the car,The car was something they had done before,It’s simply not repairable for a short time,And if there are any tools, it is impossible to repair this car professionally。
Just can’t drive away,So the best way is to find a place to stay temporarily,This is the opportunity they are waiting for now,The two of them smiled at each other。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Two Meet formally