After all, the beard didn’t respond after rushing up。

Qin Feng thought for a while,I think it’s not reliable,In case of any accident,I must be responsible here too。It’s better to follow。
As for the physical exhaustion caused by the long-distance attack, he naturally threw it aside first。
of course,Qin Feng didn’t care about his opponent either。After all, in his opinion, no matter how powerful the wolf knight is, he can solve it with one trick.。
But the pack of wolves is really a little bit。The main thing is,Qin Feng still wants the opponent’s ability to control the wolves。If you can,Just dig out the secret from the other person’s mouth。
You know that these beasts don’t have much wisdom,But if they show up
Words of the Wolf King,Things become different。And if humans want to subdue the wolves,Unless you become their wolf king。
But once domesticated,Wolves may become dogs。This in itself is an irreversible situation。
of course,Wolves can be domesticated,After all, the ancestors of creatures like dogs were wolves,It was through domestication that it evolved into the existence of this species of dog。
As for why Qin Feng wants to have a batch of wild things for himself。
Because he felt,If the animals can be used well,I can really help myself a lot。Just imagine,What a terrible thing those stray cats and dogs would be used as intelligence personnel。
But now we still have to solve the problem before we can think about other things。
When Qin Feng recovers,He found that the big beard running ahead suddenly stopped。
(End of this chapter)