With the analysis just now,This time Xin Zhao had a blue-white electric current coming out of his hand,The meat is heated directly。

“Thank you!”
“Eat!”Xin Zhao handed the piece of meat to Xiaobing,Then got up and walked silently to one side。
Angel Yan looks at Snife who is eating,And followed Xin Zhao。
“I didn’t expect you guy,Actually help them do this,Is this sympathetic??”When Angel Yan speaks,Looking at Xin Zhao’s expression。
After coming to Ferrejo,Angel Yan found the humble spirit on Xin Zhao,Disappeared。
The whole person exudes a kind of reliability,And a sense of stability,Made her a little fascinated。
The ridicule of Angel Yan,Xin Zhao smiled“I’m only when I can,Give them a little help,I feel the devil Ato should know our arrival,Next is the real war。
If you can,I can only before these two people die,Make them a little bit more comfortable,It’s my last help!”
“Your thoughts,Really interesting!”Angel Yan looks at Xin Zhao,She doesn’t quite understand Xin Zhao’s thinking,Say kindness,Xin Zhao also has。
But it’s not like an angel with a fraternity heart,To speak evil,Xin Zhao can’t say this。
Angel Yan’s Evaluation,For Xin Zhao now,Not much effect,Compare her evaluation,Xin Zhao cares more about something else。
From when that cute flying machine landed on Fraser,Xin Zhao felt a sense of incomprehensibility surrounding him。