Huo Yun and the braced body stopped,Looking at the girlfriend who fled in a daze,What’s happening here?He asked himself to be a qualified boyfriend,How after negative distance contact,Was disgusted?

Is it because his skills are too bad?
Doesn’t seem right?It’s quite enjoyable to see her reaction,It shouldn’t be the problem,What’s wrong with her?
It’s not my own unrestrained request,Annoy her,Think about yourself,How can I know that my girlfriend is the first time,I want it endlessly?
Huo Yunhe’s a bit weak,But that’s also showing her love,As for letting her avoid it??
Anyway,Hurt my wife,It’s his fault,For future sex life,What’s wrong with admitting a mistake?
Huo Yunhe just wanted to help her,Seeing Yangliu standing firm,He moved awkwardly towards the bathroom with his waist,The moment the door is closed,Suddenly realized。
A man in a good mood with his arms behind his head,Put your left leg on your right leg,Shake it gently,I’m humming a song that I don’t know where to tune。
Just say he is anxious-color,But it’s not a beast。
When the willow came out,Huo Yunhe is already up,Looking at the blushing little woman,Smile to please her,“Yiyi baby,Does the waist still hurt??Husband rubs it for you?”
Yang Liu stared at him,Tighten the sheets,Ignore him。
Girlfriend lost her temper,How cute,Huo Yunhe walked over quickly,Bent over a princess hug,Hug her firmly,And also give it a hand,Frightened Yang Liu hurriedly clasped his neck,The voice has a panic that can’t be concealed,“What are you doing?”
Huo Yun kissed her on the cheek,Laugh wantonly,“What i want to do,You can stop it?”
Obvious meaning,Willows dare not make trouble,She is cheeky compared to him,Can only be willing to go down。
So tuned by a man-play,Just think about it,Stare at him vigorously,Can be surrounded by sheets,Twisting the Spring-Suddenly,Where’s the momentum?
Alive hook-lead!
Found his eyes on his chest again,Willow lowered his head in hindsight,“what”Yelling,Hurriedly covered his eyes with his hands,Forbid him to look again。
but,Her resistance is not enough,The natural power gap between men and women,Feel sorry for her,How can I hide it?
The scenery in front of my girlfriend is too beautiful,He reacted again,Nibbling on her white tender hands,To the big bed-Go up。
Seeing to be crushed again,Yangliu is in a hurry,Little hands holding his face,The bright little mouth comes up,Kiss him on the lips,Acting like a baby,“Dear,I hurt,You just let me go?Please。”