Extreme Challenge 6 starts wish journey, Yue Yunpeng eats hot pot in sauna

“Extreme Challenge 6” starts “wish journey”, Yue Yunpeng eats hot pot in sauna
The sixth season of “Extreme Challenge” will be premiered on the evening of May 10 at Oriental TV. Lei Jiayin, Yue Yunpeng, Wang Xun, Jia Nailiang, Zhang Yixing, Dili Reba, Guo Jingfei and Deng Lun will focus on “wish after the epidemic”,Complete first-level tasks.The new member Guo Jingfei served as the “Wish Cloud Supervisor” of this episode, and released tasks to the “Choosing Mission” to supervise their fulfillment of wishes for the citizens.This led everyone in the country to hope that the epidemic would pass quickly and accomplish what they wanted to do.In the program, the program team also gave everyone the opportunity to realize their wish. Yue Yunpeng directly admitted that his wish was “to invite the medical staff to eat a meal.”Before fulfilling this wish, the “Extremely Select Group” also paid tribute to the medical staff who came forward during the “epidemic”. Through the exchange of tasks, they realized the hard work of “wearing protective clothing”.Yue Yunpeng, Zhang Yixing, Dili Reba put the pointed cap in front of the eyes, the strap of the pointed cap strangled the head just like the doctor wearing goggles.After wearing it, Diligeba couldn’t help but say, “It’s a bit uncomfortable”.Immediately afterwards, Yue Yunpeng ate hot pot in the sauna room until it exploded and shouted, “It’s too hot!””” Wang Xun was also 55 degrees low temperature and high temperature to full back wet.On the other side, Lei Jiayin and Jia Nailiang took their newly arrived “brother” Deng Lun and covered themselves with a cloth at the hot pot table. With a thermometer in hand, they felt the temperature change more intuitively.After a few missions, everyone really understands the hardships of medical care.The “extremely selected group” who took to the streets solicited stories from passersby to fulfill their wishes, and strived to increase turnover for resumption of production and production, hoping to complete the social value of the economy after the epidemic was completed soon.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Wu Longzhen proofreading He Yan