CUBA has only delivered 1% of the draft to CBA for more than ten years or built a bridge_1

CUBA has only delivered 1% of the draft to CBA for more than ten years or built a bridge
The draft is a bridge between education and sports. In the future, student players will have more opportunities to move from college basketball to professional arenas.  Going to college is my dream, playing basketball is my dream, and CUBA (China University Basketball League) is where my dream comes true.The slogan CUBA shouted back then still inspires the passion of basketball teenagers.  This tournament, which was founded in 1996, and the CUBS (China University Basketball Super League) established in 2004 jointly built a competition platform for college basketball.While enriching college students’ style life, it also shoulders the important task of training backup talents for Chinese basketball.  However, in the past ten years, there are figures showing that the proportion of CUBA talents to the CBA (China Men’s Basketball Professional League) is not more than 1%. Except for some professional players registered with the Basketball Association, there are few people who step on the professional arena.A direct reason is that CBA’s long-term ranking of NBA (American Men’s Basketball Professional League) and NCAA (American College Basketball League) style draft system.  This situation may soon be changed: According to documents recently announced by the Chinese Basketball Association, college students can participate in the CBA and WCBA (Chinese Women’s Basketball League) draft.  As CBA player Zeng Lingxu said, college student players will have the opportunity to show their abilities in front of CBA clubs and coaches, so the chances of being called will be much greater.Zeng Lingxu was able to enter CBA from CUBA precisely because of his outstanding performance in the exchange game representing the Tsinghua University team and the Foshan Men’s Basketball Team.  But it must also be admitted that the draft is a bridge between the two systems of education and sports, but it does not mean that the student players will embark on a smooth journey.The draft system was actually tried out in the NBL (National Men’s Basketball League), but it led to the emergence of college basketball players who are still difficult to mass-produce.The peers of several professional teams, student players lack systematic and scientific professional training, and it is difficult to obtain effective protection in logistics such as diet and venues. The practical considerations when choosing employment are even more difficult to interpret.  The long-term fragmentation makes it impossible to reconnect the education system and the sports system overnight. Even the draft system itself needs to be integrated with reality and the introduction of supporting mechanisms.But at least for now, the success of He Tianju from CUBS, Gu Quan and Han Dejun from CUBA, etc. in CBA, there will always be people who are full of hope for the draft; more and more retired players are entering colleges and universities to serve as teaching posts, and some people are on the overall level of the student army.With confidence.  May wish to hope for the future.Just like someone said at the beginning of this season: This year is the 17th year of CUBA. No one is always 17 years old, but there are always 17-year-old people.As long as you persevere, college basketball will eventually hold up the dream of youth; as long as the people with dreams go forward and succeed, the cornerstone of Chinese basketball will become more contagious.