Who is the champion of the 2016 Snooker Championship? O’Sullivan vs Selby match score result _1

Who is the champion of the 2016 Snooker Championship? Results of the match between O’Sullivan vs Selby
On the morning of December 5th, Beijing time, the 2016 Snooker British Championship ended all competitions. Mark Selby led Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-2 in the first stage of the final, although O’Sullivan played three in the second stage.A single shot of 50+ and two shots broke the hundred record to achieve a record of 851, but Selby achieved the huge advantage previously obtained and the excellent performance of the third single shot break of 100 in this stage to achieve the final 10-7Victory, the second time in his professional career to top the British Championships, and also became the third post-80s player to win the British Championship twice, and the ninth player in history to win more than two British Championships,The final 100% win rate for the O’Sullivan British Championships has since been set aside.》》Review: 2016 Snooker British Championship final O’Sullivan vs Selby live game video video Selby won the 2016 Snooker British Championship finals in two stages, the local time in the afternoonIn the first stage, against the two sides is currently the world’s number one Selby and the eighth ranked O’Sullivan. The two sides have played 25 times in history, and O’Sullivan has 16 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses.The two play differently and have very different styles. It can be said that one is an artist who solves a problem, and the other is a master who makes problems.  The first stage of the 2016 Snooker British Championship finals started at 1pm local time. In the first game, Selby missed the defense and O’Sullivan scored the red ball to get started. After 14 points, he used a racking attack.Irby failed to score a red ball shortly afterwards. The goal was stopped at the pocket and O’Sullivan once again started with a single shot and scored 124 points to win the first game.In the second game, after the defense was stiff, O’Sullivan scored into the red ball of the far table to get started. Due to the poor position of the black ball and the pink ball, O’Sullivan made a 32-pointer error around the basketball attack and left a chance. SelbyAfter taking over the table, he only scored 10 points. After a period of entanglement, O’Sullivan took the risk of attacking the red ball and didn’t score. Selby picked up the leak again and scored 9 points. The remaining four red balls were not conducive to the attack at the edge of the library. O’Sullivan attacked the red ball.The bottom of the bag missed, Selby made snooker after receiving three more red balls, O’Sullivan failed to make three attempts and sent 12 points, after which Selby won off and on, and the score came to 1-1.  In the third game, Selby hit a red ball into the bottom of the pocket in defense. O’Sullivan scored 63 points in a single shot to win and changed the score to 2-1.In the fourth inning, O’Sullivan’s defensive line was wrong, leaving his opponent with a far-offensive attack opportunity. Selby scored a red ball to get 29 points. After actively turning into the defense, O’Sullivan chose the cue ball to defend the bottom. Selby thinly scored the red ball.The middle bag started again, and then after 7 points, the thin blue ball missed the opportunity to send the bag. O’Sullivan made a mistake with only 8 points and returned the opportunity. Selby scored 67 points on a single shot to tie the score to 2-2.In the first four rounds, the two sides split equally and entered the break between rounds.  In the fifth game, Selby scored a red ball first and then used the green ball as a snooker. O’Sullivan solved the ball three times in a row to get the pink ball and sent 18 points. After the defense, O’Sullivan currently hit the middle bag.The bullet missed the second half of the opportunity, Selby completed a single point with 63 points, and the score came to 3-2.In the opening game of the sixth inning, Selby did not lose to the red ball twice and sent a free kick. After solving his own ball and not getting the red ball, Selby attacked the side bank and posted a red ball after 12 points.Opportunity, O’Sullivan scored 14 points after starting the game and missed the pink ball, Selby scored 30 points three times afterwards to do snooker, O’Sullivan missed the ball, Selby scored another point, then longIn a defensive stalemate of time, Selby finished 52-32 and scored 4-2.  In the seventh inning, O’Sullivan’s far-off attacking red ball failed to enter, the goal ball stopped at the pocket, Selby scored 58 points after the interruption, O’Sullivan did not seize the opportunity, after scoring the red ball did not reach the colorIn the ball position, after a strong attack on the far table pink ball error, and then send the opportunity, Selby again started to play a single shot 51 points to clear the table and expand the score to 5-2.In the eighth inning, O’Sullivan had a loophole in defense. Selby pushed the red ball into the middle pocket to get started. After scoring 41 points in a single shot, he shifted into the defense after a mistake. After a few rounds, O’Sullivan missed the ball and Selby again.Started with a single shot and scored 87 points to clear the table to win, and continued to expand the score to 6-2, ending the first stage of the two sides. The second stage of the 2016 Snooker British Championship finals began at 7 pm local time.6-2, Selby leads.In the ninth inning, O’Sullivan kicked in, extended the defense time, and Selby scored a red ball with a continuous attack and defense. After scoring 56 points in a single shot, he moved to the defense after making a mistake. After two rounds, Selby started again.At 9 points, the offensive red ball missed, O’Sullivan also scored only 9 points and lost the pink ball, Selby won the super score, the score came to 7-2.In the tenth inning, O’Sullivan took the lead through a long bench attack. After getting 56 points, the K-ball effect was not good and he turned to the defense. Selby and two libraries made two mistakes and sent 8 points.Excellent opportunity for opponents, O’Sullivan once again started with a single shot 80 points to clear the table and chase back a game.  In the eleventh inning, Selby’s far-offensive error made O’Sullivan scored a red ball and scored 6 points to go to the defense. Selby then scored a far-red ball and the bottom bag was missing.The ball was made into a snooker, O’Sullivan solved the ball and missed the ball, Selby scored another red ball, but the attacking pink ball missed the bag and left an excellent mobile phone meeting, O’Sullivan only got 18There was a mistake and the ball was returned to the ball. After Selby scored 34 points, the pink ball in the bag offensive mistakes left the last red ball. O’Sullivan collected the red ball and cleared the ball to the pink ball and then returned to the game, the score4-7.In the twelfth inning, O’Sullivan scored a single shot with 134 points after a long bench attack, chasing the score to 5-7.  After the break, the game continued. In the thirteenth game, Selby missed a long platform offensive error and missed the opportunity to play in the middle. O’Sullivan played a red ball bottom bag deviation conflict and smashed the ball pile. Selby started a single shot and scored 137 points.The score was rewritten to 8-5.In the 14th game, Selby missed a long attacking offense. O’Sullivan scored a red ball and scored 130 points on a single shot.In the fifteenth inning, O’Sullivan kicked in, leaving one red ball in the middle of the bag, a large-angle thin ball attack opportunity, Selby did not thin into, after the tangled impact Selby defensive missed the ball, O’Sullivan attacked the middle stageSucceeded, and then won with a single shot 82 points to chase the score to 7-8.  After Selby kicked off in the sixteenth inning, O’Sullivan scored into the far-end red ball bottom bag but lost the transitional coffee ball. Selby used the pole to score the red ball bottom bag and then made the black ball bottom bag.He scored 134 points with a single shot and scored the match point 9-7.In the stalemate of the seventeenth inning, O’Sullivan’s red ball pile hit the pink ball and sent 6 points. Afterwards, Selby scored an excellent far-red ball to get started. After 11 points, the attacking pink ball missed the bag.Sullivan scored a red goal with a super-long tie, but the subsequent failure of a thin red ball in the bag gave the opponent an opportunity to attack from the far table. Selby scored a red ball and scored 107 points in a single shot to score the score.Stopped at 10-7, defeated the most powerful opponent and won the championship of this competition.