So Xia Qing immediately angered:“I heard it right,Wang Li,Fortunately, you can tell that you drove me out several times,I’m afraid you have forgotten what good things you did those few times,I tell you,You are fired,This is what you deserve,People like you should have left the Lin Group long ago,I bother!”

Wang Li did not expect Xia Qing to say such things to her at this time,Just about to get angry with Xia Qing,Just listen to Xia Qing:“What are you doing,Don’t hurry up and pack things up,Is it possible that you still want me to ask someone to blast you out??”
Wang Li suddenly felt ashamed,Had to pack up and leave。
After Wang Li leaves,Xia Qing said to Xiao Fan excitedly:“Except for the personnel order to fire Wang Li,President Lin also said,starting today,You are the head of the security department。”
Xia Qing originally thought that after Xiao Fan got the news,,Will be happy,But who knows that after he finished speaking,Xiao Fan just said a little:“I know!”
Xia Qing suddenly felt that her excitement was like a fool in Xiao Fan’s eyes,The parties are not excited,How excited is she。
But Xia Qing is a person who can’t hide things,She asked suspiciously:“Xiao Fan,Why are you not excited at all??That’s the head of the security department!”
Xiao Fan stood up silently,Standing by the window,I was silent for a while while looking at the scenery outside the window.:“Lived so many years,I did any work when I was bored,So all jobs are the same to me,Kill the time!”
Although Xia Qing is very strange how Xiao Fan said such strange things again,But she didn’t take it seriously,Shook his head,Said to Xiao Fan:“I gave my mother the prescription you gave today,Mom said after eating,Feel much more comfortable,thank you!”
“you are welcome!”Xiao Fan said lightly。
“Then you can quickly move your things to the office of the Minister of Security,I’ll go back first。”Xia Qing said。
“it is good!”
After Xia Qing left,Xiao Fan soon moved into the so-called Office of the Minister of Security。
Just sat down,The phone on the desk rang,Xiao Fan just answered the phone,I heard Lin Yoona’s voice on the other end of the phone,“You come to my office now。”
Lin Yoona hung up after speaking。
A concise sentence,Didn’t even give Xiao Fan a chance to speak。
Xiao Fan didn’t care,After hanging up,I took the elevator to Lin Yuna’s office。
After getting Lin Yoona’s permission,Xiao Fan entered Lin Yoona’s office again。