The other party is a newly established commercial bank,Looking for suitable assets for investment。

Qiankun Mining and Yunlong Mining,Very famous here in Western Province。
This Wanli Bank also thought about making an acquisition,It’s just that the two mining companies had no idea of selling。
“I want to know why,The two mining companies suddenly wanted to sell!”
The vice president of Wanli Bank was here to negotiate,Wearing glasses in his forties,Unusually sharp eyes!
“Because the actual controller does not want to continue to operate the mining industry,Want to do some high-tech industries,So if the price is right, I plan to dispose of the two mining companies。”
I took a sip of tea,Speak without rush:“If the price is inappropriate,We will slowly find,The right seller。”
Vice President Lin smiled,Smile a bit deep。
“The original actual controller Mr. Li Qiankun,There should be some dark history,Although now he has immigrated,But there is no guarantee that the old account will be turned up someday。”
Vice President Lin has seen through our intentions!
“What you said is the truth,But we do think differently from you。But it doesn’t matter,The two mining companies do not have any dark history,After changing hands, it is a very high-quality asset!”
What I mean is to negotiate a deal,It’s over if you can’t negotiate,Say the others are useless!
Vice President Lin sees me with a firm attitude,I didn’t go further on this topic,But directly gave their conditions!