Zhang Zongping suddenly realized a very serious problem:Does this kid really don’t understand spells??

I don’t understand spells, this kid said by himself,But is it really as he said?,I haven’t seen this before,But one thing is certain,It’s the Ferrari that Chen Geng took over from the Ramirez family212after that,He has nothing to do!And what about the Ramirez family,All three car owners have been stumbling on that car……
Zhang Zongping took a deep breath。
Chen Geng didn’t know that just a few seconds of effort,Zhang Zongping already thought so much in his heart,He said to himself:“But my place is a bit small now,I am going to find a larger area,In addition, I plan to buy some new car repair guys.,I don’t know if you guys from the Chamber of Commerce have any acquaintances in this industry.,Give me a discount on the best price。”
Zhang Zongping thought for a while,Said:“I can’t help you, brother,But don’t worry,I’ll find out for you later,It’s the car repair guy you said.,Coincidence,Brother really knows someone who does this business,Can help you ask,But that guy is a foreign devil,Brother how much face can I have,This is really hard to say,you know too,Those foreign devils look down on us Chinese,Each eyeball grows on the top of the head……I’ll try my best anyway……”
I heard Chen Geng said that he was going to expand his business,White’s face is about to laugh,Looking at Chen Geng is like looking at a lot of dollars:“So Brother Chen, what do you mean,Is preparing for a loan from our bank?”
For Ji Shengcheng,Chen Geng is really about the same as a lot of dollars now。
Chen Geng’s second-hand car company’s car loans are all taken from United Community Bank,Looking at the increasing number of car loans every day,United Community Bank knows how much money Chen Geng made,Just because I know how much Chen Geng made,United Community Bank is as anxious as a cat scratch:Such a profitable company,How can you not get a loan from our bank??
it’s good now,Just when the head of the business hall ranted and asked the credit department to do everything possible to lend money to Fernandez,Chen Geng, the owner of Fernandez, came to the door。
He wants to expand!
this moment,White can’t wait to laugh up to the sky three times。
Hold back the excitement,Ji Shengcheng nodded repeatedly:“no problem,Absolutely no problem,Our boss said,You are now our important customer,United Community Bank will fully support your development……How much do you need?”
“Not sure yet,Probably at30Wanzhi50Ten thousand dollars。”Chen Geng said。
“Absolutely no problem!”Ji Shengcheng happily agreed,Then asked with concern:“Chen Ge,Is three to five million enough??Need to add more?”
“enough,”Chen Geng waved his hand:“Anyway, some things can be purchased by rent,No need。”