“Ms. Kim!I can come here myself,Have expressed enough sincerity to you!Please consider my suggestion seriously,I don’t have much time,Leaving soon。”The thin middle-aged man surrounded by masters is polite,Say neither humble nor humble。

obviously, Kim So Yeon didn’t follow the rhythm expected by the other party,But shrugged his shoulders with a smile on his face,Tao:“Prime Minister,Where are you rushing??U.S. Consulate?Or go to the Russians?”
The Prime Minister of the Oriental Lands looked down,He can’t say that it’s because it is closer,And it’s safer to display on the map,That’s why he came to Dongda first, right?!
When he received a telephone invitation from Ms. Jin through high-level relations,I didn’t care at all at first,Right now is a critical moment for the entire country,As prime minister,How can he be in the mood to negotiate with a representative of the so-called mysterious force?!
but,As some senior people told him more and more,,He decided to make time to come to Dongda first,Meet the mysterious agent Ms. Jin。
Just met,The Prime Minister was immediately astonished at the beauty of the other party,I think all my previous assumptions are delusions,Like such a beautiful woman,It’s almost the same to say that she is a plaything of a big man,How could it be possible to have the power to save the Oriental kingdom,What a huge and terrifying force that is!
and so,The Prime Minister’s suggestion is,In the form of mercenaries,Hire the strong team behind this woman to go to Toyo,The Toyo National Assembly evaluates points based on the contribution of the opposing team,Then pay the corresponding remuneration。
This model is a simple and straightforward help plan,It’s the quick response of the Prime Minister’s think tank team in the shortest time,They have to use huge sums of money to hire powerful people from all over the world to come to the East,Solve this big problem for Dongyang Kingdom。
Even if the strong can not solve the biggest trouble,At least it can relieve the pressure of the Oriental country,Reduce loss,And the final decisive battle,We still have to rely on the strength of the big country,Use the power of the army to solve problems。
As for those powerful people who are lured by their interests,If some of them die in battle,Of course Dongyang country doesn’t have to pay,The remaining people,Will also be paid under the rules set by the government of the Orient,Believe anyway,Will only be within the controllable range。
And the time wasted because of this plan,Especially the loss of the private sector,Not within the computing power of the Prime Minister。
In front of a mature politician,Everything can be calculated by profit,And between them and ordinary people,There are basically two different biological systems,Regardless of the protection,Or the resources enjoyed,Not all on the same level。