In fact,If you carefully analyze the unions in the United States,You will find that the American labor unions are not for workers,Because he didn’t solve the problem of the relocation of American manufacturing,U.S. workers still can’t find a job,But when you can’t find a job, the membership fee is absolutely necessary,And the main officials of the union,Not only luxurious office buildings,And has a very high annual salary——Clinton Administration,Chairman of a union in michigan,Annual salary is40Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Clinton’s annual salary was less than20Ten thousand U.S. dollars,The annual salary of a state union chairman,More than twice as much as the president of the United States,Dare you believe this?;Like a union in New York,The chairman of the labor union not only holds60Ten thousand dollars in annual salary、Enjoy various benefits and privileges,Even the union headquarters is located on the top floor of the most expensive building on Sixth Avenue in New York.,High-grade marble decoration with all the ground,The interior decoration is luxurious and comparable to the home of Sichuan University。

In the U.S,The union has become a coercion of workers、A special class that threatens capitalists to live,Threatening companies with strikes at every turn(AMCIs the victim),And relying on this right to speak,Trade unions also have more and more powerful political energy。
“You have no appointment,Just want to see Mr. George?”Enough250The madam at the front desk seems to have heard something very funny,Can’t help but laugh:“Do you know what identity Mr. George is……Uh……Uh……”
Looking at the front10Zhang100Yuan denomination banknotes,The aunt at the front desk was suddenly speechless,She greedily looked at the one in front of her1000USD。
“Miss Anne, right??”Someone looked at her with a smile:“I heard that you are Mr. George’s cousin?I wonder if you can help me ask Mr. George,Does he have time to see me now?Ok,I don’t need too long,Just ten minutes is enough,I want to talk to him about improvingAMCThe wages and benefits of auto workers,As long as you can do it,This1000The dollar is yours。”
undoubtedly,The intention of this guy is very suspicious,But for being in this position because of my cousin、You can get it every day without doing anything2000For Annie, who has a very high annual salary of US dollars,What does it matter?,My cousin is the chairman of the union,Now at the union headquarters again,What can he do to himself?
Take a look,Mary picks up the phone without saying anything:“Hey,Cousin,Someone wants to see you……Ok,No appointment……Don’t don’t,you listen to me,He said he wanted to talk to you about improvingAMCThe wages of auto workers……Ok ok……”
hang up the phone,Mary is extremely familiar and will put it in front of her1000Close up,One finger:“Take the first elevator,That’s for my cousin。”
She doesn’t mind being known“George the Great”Is my cousin,Rather proud。
“You want to see me?Who do you represent?”
Great George looked at the person in front of him with a serious look,very common,It’s the kind that can’t be found on the street,The only thing that makes him shine,The suit on this guy seems to be customized by hand,Valuable……
Here comes a faint smile,Said:“It doesn’t matter who I am representing,What matters is whether Mr. George is willing to do business with my boss?”
“what business?”
“One stroke20Ten thousand dollar business……”Someone said,Shattered a call to his hard briefcase,inside,Full of green dollar bills。
George’s breathing suddenly rose。