“Hehe,master,Sorry,Hungry hungry,Will you take me to a steak in a while??I can eat three more steaks!”

The chubby face pointed at Qiao Tianyu carelessly,But I still kept silent about being stunned by Michelle last night。
“I go,what’s the situation?The girl’s brain was**Is it poisoned??”Seeing the silly face of chubby,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help but mumble。
But chubby face doesn’t mention it,Qiao Tianyu will not be okay to find excitement,So I pretended not to know anything,No longer talk about being stunned。
Soon after Qiao Tianyu arrived,Six burgers and three cups of Coke were wiped out by chubby face,Then Qiao Tianyu called the doctor,And did a careful full-body check on the chubby face。
After confirming that the chubby face and body are completely free,Qiao Tianyu handled Cui Keying’s discharge procedures,I wanted to take my chubby face home to rest,Then find a chance to tell her about going to the British Virgin Islands。
Who knows they haven’t walked out of the gate of the hospital yet,The chubby face began to shout hungry again,I have to grab Qiao Tianyu and take her to eat steak。
no way,But chubby face,Qiao Tianyu had to let the KGB agent find a Michelin restaurant nearby,According to the requirements of the chubby face,I really ordered three steaks for Little Fat Face alone。
After the steak comes,Chubby face eats up again,All three steaks were wiped out in less than a quarter of an hour,This appetite is simply too bad?!
In Qiao Tianyu’s impression,He never remembered that chubby face was so edible,What’s going on?
See the madness of chubby face“Eat”Performance,Although Qiao Tianyu felt something was wrong,I know there must be a problem,But I can’t tell what’s wrong,It’s not good to just ask the little fat face,Her head is too big。
Thinking about going,Qiao Tianyu hesitated for a while,I decided to talk about her style first.。
“Keying,Tell you something,So you are mentally prepared。”Qiao Tianyu stared carefully at Cui Keying’s face while speaking,Observing the subtle changes in her facial expressions。
“Okay,You said。”Chubby face stuffed steak in his mouth,Promised。
“Keying,Fed Chairman Allen?Sir Spenglin forced me to take back all the shares in the Zero Fund from Sanchez.。”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“So this morning I asked Henry to sort out the financial statements of the Zero Fund since its establishment.,But some problems were found in those reports。”
“master,You mean that200Ten thousand dollars thing?”Little fat face didn’t hesitate after listening,Asked bluntly。