“Hello there。”Haven’t waited for Ding Haijun to finish,Ding Ruoyan extended his hand to Chen Geng generously:“Brother Chen Geng,Welcome you to our house,Introduce to you,This is my good friend Meng Xiaomiao。”

His hands are so warm,Why is that familiar feeling more and more obvious?I shouldn’t have seen him、I haven’t dealt with him before。
The moment I held Ding Ruoyan’s little hand,Chen Geng was excited to cry,It took him a lot of perseverance to make his reaction look like nothing wrong:“Hello there,Nice to meet you,Meng Xiaomiao, right??Also nice to meet you。”
Meng Xiaomiao looked curiously at the big boy with a gentle smile,I can’t believe it:This gentle boy is like the big brother next door,Is a very rich、Even the old man will personally meet his people?
that’s amazing。
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First124chapter Interesting for our girl?
Chen Geng gave Ding Ruoyan a gift“ordinary”,In the box is a medium length、One over the knee and two down jackets,Two pairs of deerskin half-height boots、Two thick pants and cotton socks suitable for the day、Scarf and other odds and ends,Both the color and the style are suitable for a girl of Ding Ruoyan’s age。
Except clothes,And a watch,Watches are not expensive watches,It’s an ordinary lady’s mechanical watch,Not a big brand,Toyo Seiko,In addition to being cheap,The biggest advantage is to walk accurately。
Cheap is relative to Chen Geng,Comrade Ding and Hu Jin definitely don’t think it’s cheap,A watch from Toyo Seiko,To sell in the store300How much,Hu Jin hurriedly said:“Mr. Chen,This won’t work,This is too expensive,How can such an expensive thing be given to the child?……”
Chen Geng smiled:“Tens of dollars,Sister-in-law, don’t worry,Have a table,The girl can arrange her life and study according to time……So be it,Xiao Miao, right??Wish you progress,Admitted to the ideal school。”
Needless to say,Another watch。
Thanks to Chen Geng’s preparation,Otherwise, the little girl is looking at you,But you have nothing to give to others,How embarrassing?