After Xia Chenglong’s Murong Ningbing throws it out,,After Murong Ningbing flipped over the sky twice,It landed smoothly,At this time, she hid her face and made a chuckle。

“Giggle,Little brother,Why are you so ruthless,If you say you lose it, you lose it,I don’t know Lianxiangxiyu at all!” Xia Chenglong at this time,Looking at Murong Ningbing with gloomy eyes,Coldly squeezed out a few words from the mouth:“who are you?Why is it in Murong Ningbing’s body?” That person deliberately,Pretending to be incomprehensible,Deliberately pretending to think

“do not worry,I promised you will do it,such,Three days later,Still here,Just come here,I’ll pay you back with the profits。”

Lin Yu is so confident,All on my own body。 He thought that since he could live in the nursing center,This young man is ordinary at home,At least you can get a hundred or two hundred thousand.,First use,Wait till I make money,Go back again。 I have seen Lin Yu’s skills,Huang Mao dare not say anything,Just about

Her mental power is fully concentrated,Temporary,I’m speechless。

And the Leopard Man Xiaojie in this moment,I also encountered a huge crisis rare in my life。 He suddenly found,My whole body feels stiff,The outstretched arm seemed to lose consciousness,I lost control of my body invisibly。 This feeling like a nightmare,It’s terrible!Not to mention appearing in a fierce battle,Fight against the enemy in this state,It’s

I also put the cup very low,Touched him smoothly。

Took a sip of wine。 “What website does Mr. Paul make,It must be on the market, right??” I am a little curious。 “Is a video site,The scale is OK。” Paul feels that my can be used as an online shopping platform,There will be great prospects in the future。 My idea is like this,Now use

Tian Lu explained why he wanted to see Ding Yan’s room,Said she hasn’t been to work for a few days,People can’t reach,Beg the boss to open her room to see if the items are still there。

The boss hesitated briefly,Thinking of rent and tenant safety,Go to Ding Yan’s room with Tian Lu to check。 After entering the room,Tian Lu glanced at Ding Yan’s bedroom,cosmetic、Orderly placed clothes,Not like someone who moved out of this place。 Ten minutes ago,Tian Lu rushed to rent a house in Ding Yan,Dejected and walked out after ten

Qiangwei was thinking,Suddenly a face enlarged,Took all her happiness in one bite——It’s Shuai Wang!

Rose is an exciting spirit,Wake up,Remembering what Wang Shuai said…… Qiangwei drank the wine in the glass,She reminded herself,Can’t repeat the same mistakes,She can’t fool Wang Shuai,Besides, the man who is sleeping right now? She has to learn to act every time,I can enjoy these beautiful scenes,But I must remind myself,Don’t get really lost。 Its

After changing clothes,Xin Zhao just sorted out his hairstyle,I found myself still so handsome。

Lianfeng is staring forward at this time,No focus。 And Xin Zhao is right in front of Lian Feng’s face,A big face,Slowly approach Lianfeng。 Just when the two faces are about to touch,Lianfeng’s pupils shrink,Then the sharpness in the eyes appeared。 “cheap~People believe,I hope you can find a better excuse,otherwise,You won’t want to know the consequences!”Even

These words from the fat man,Most people on the table don’t believe it,I thought he was deliberately supporting his friends。

This fat man Wang Shaoxiao has been in Shenzhen Vocational College for the past six months,No other reputation,Is generous,Often treats to dinner,Everyone jokingly called him Wang Tuhao。 Compared to the average student,He has too much money to spend,So many people guess his family is very good,It should be the second generation of Xiaofu who can’t